Lunch/Brewery Tour/Good Times

Picture 008

We’ll be meeting at Two Brothers Brewing Company this coming Saturday (12/19) at 2:30PM for a brewery tour.  This’ll be our second Workshop 88 outing, and, from what I’ve been told by Russ, should be quite the scientific (and awesome) experience.  We’ll have lunch beforehand at 1PM if anyone wants to join the pre-gaming festivities.

In other news, the Workshop 88 beta blog is up and running here.  Please drop by and leave suggestions (maybe in the comments of this post?) on what you think, and what improvements we can make.  Look for the design to be implemented within the next week or so.

Finally, for the holidays, Workshop 88 will be doing a (sort of) last minute impromptu Toys for Tots collection — we’re calling it 70y5 4 7075.  So if you want to bring toys to our next meeting (preferably of the maker-oriented kind!)  on 12/21, feel free!  I know I’ll be hitting the stores for Legos and K’nex.

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