Committee Call to Arms!

For those who missed the meeting on 12-7, the first meeting post
holiday season (tentatively set for  Jan. 7 of the coming year) will
include the election and installment of our officers and the
assignment and delegation of our first committees.  The following is a
list of proposed committees from our previous meeting, and some of
their proposed duties/purposes.  Anybody with interest in heading or
working with any of the committees, feel free to volunteer (either by
email or at a meeting) as we’re ready to mobilize and start getting
things done with the coming year!

Finance Committee
– Prioritize wanted/needed items from the wants/needs/have list for
the initial space and build-out.
– Explore alternative means for the acquisition of needed things,
freely if at all possible.
– Create a proposed budget and explore and create a proposition for
membership dues and payment options (e.g. student rates, family

Legal Committee
– Investigate zoning laws, insurance needs and waiver requirements for
the space.
– Find/talk to experienced persons to find out what mistakes to avoid
in both the incorporation process and insurance initiatives.

Events Committee
– Act as the liaison for workshop88 and the community.
– Organize proposed in-house events, and explore new out of house events/ideas.
– Create workshops and teaching sessions to foster technological and
cultural education while promoting activism.

Marketing Committee
– Explore various internet outlets for growing our web presence.
– Consider setting up an affiliate program for other hackerspaces.
– Recruit, and spread the word of what we do!

These are just the first four groups we considered, there will be
others, and nothing is set in stone.  If you have suggestions, get
them in by the meeting where we install people to these positions and
really get things underway!  Again, don’t be shy to volunteer to help
out with any of these tasks, the more input we have, the more likely
we get things right on the first try.  The more involved people are,
the more we can accomplish, and the more fun for everyone!

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