More about the new space.

We finally have a space to stretch our legs and spread out. The massive public space will be outfitted with comfortable seating and a wireless connection so our members can read, chat, work on crafts, have meetings and bring the projector to watch a movie, or play vintage video games. The space will also be easily converted to a classroom for presentations and guest speakers.

The workshop space will be divided in a carpentry and heavy duty space for projects that require power tools, and an electronics and art workshop, for projects that require light soldering and paint.

The back room will be the W88 medialab. It will feature padded walls for sound isolation. Podcasts and video projects will be produced in this space, and will feature space for editing, monitoring and mixing audio and video projects. The space may also be used as a photography studio.

Come to our public meetings to check out our space, or email to schedule a visit. Let us know what kind of projects you’re interested in making, and consider joining our community.

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