Build Day, This Saturday.

Making our space usable is now the main priority of Workshop88, This Saturday, July 31st we’ll have the opportunity to ready the place to start moving our projects and tools. And we need your help and expertise. This Saturday’s agenda will be:

Front Room:
– Scraping walls
– Priming walls
– Tightening outlets
– Increasing lighting
– Organizing a storage solution
– Making the front room more friendly (via painting, wall hangings, an updated front door logo, etc)

– Baseboard prep and installation
– Drywall for the exposed bathroom wall
– Tightening outlets
– Painting/mounting our new storage cabinet (thanks Eric!)
– Framing and installing the wall dividing the workshop and electronics area.

A special thanks to Bill for our new dehumidifier! The smell from last Friday’s rain has already moved from ‘musty’ to ‘damp’! If you have tools useful for the aforementioned projects that are not already on site… bring em. If anybody has an extra shop-vac, that would be nice too, so Adam can stop carting his back and forth 🙂

Hope to see you all on Saturday!

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