Game Night. TONIGHT.

Despite my overwhelming urge to convince everyone at The Workshop that having a Starcraft II LAN Party would be an awesome idea, we’ll be playing D&D, Puerto Rico, Settlers, Munchkin, original XBOX, or any other number of assorted games this Thursday night starting at 6:30pm. As usual. Thursdays. 6:30pm. And, seriously guys: Don’t. Think. Small. Starcraft II LAN Party is in the near-future.

Maybe as a members only event?

This week my D&D character, “The Amazing Bob”, will be making his return after a… shall we say… short sabbatical. The Amazing Bob’s bow is ready to drink blood from his foes freshly cut wounds once again. Also, The Amazing Bob is ready to drink ale… once again.

SEGUE! I brewed a ton of beer last night (really, only a few hours ago) in partial preparation for the Workshop 88 Brewfest. Proof:

YES. I was brewing AND bottling all in the same day. Two different beers.

Can you taste it?

See you tonight, Thursday night. 6:30pm.  Or-a-da Plancast, if you prefer it dished out that way:

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