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LaunchPad un-boxing!

The boxes

I’ve been keeping this to myself until they finally came in, but I have a little surprise. I’ve ordered 3 MSP430s from Texas Instruments, 1 for personal use and 2 to be donated to Workshop 88. I ordered them July 17th, and they shipped October 29th and arrived today. What a fast turnaround, har har. Anyway, I thought I’d share my joy of un-boxing with everyone.

Wiki URL on the side

Meet the LaunchPad

A message from the MSP430 team

MSP430 LaunchPad

As you can see, the board ships without the headers soldered on. Other than that, the board is complete and even has an MSP430 pre-installed.

The Contents

The other contents include: A mini usb cable marked ROHS compliant, yay? The headers, and pins for the sides of the boards 2 sets of 10. A 32kz external crystal, to supplement the 16mhz internal clock. 2 LaunchPad Stickers. And last but not least, a second MSP430!

I suggest taking a look at Texas Instruments’ own un-boxing video, it’s pretty informative. Ok, ok, his is much more energetic, and he did it first.