Update on the Great Global Hackerspace Challenge

Parts that have been ordered for the Edu-cubes started arriving in our mailboxes at the end of the week. We are testing two types of displays. One is a monochrome LCD display which had previously been used in Nokia phones. I ran into a bit of trouble with my arduino last night that had nothing to do with the displays and everything to do with the hookup wire I was using.  Fortunately, the arduino survived, and I’m able to output text to the display.

The message is a result of spending a few unplanned hours digging the end of the wire out of the pin socket on the arduino.

The other display we are evaluating is a color touchscreen.  We’ll post updates when we have that setup and running.

We’re still looking for people to get involved with this project, and people interested in becoming members of Workshop 88.  If you want to work with us on the project, send an email to cubes@workshop88.com.  If you want more information on Workshop 88, send an email to info@workshop88.com or hit us up on twitter: twitter.com/Workshop88

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