First set of prototypes done!

(Okay, “done” may be a bit of an overstatement, but we’re really close!)

Yesterday at the space, four of us met to work on the Educube project for the Great Global Hackerspace Challenge. We started with one working display mounted to a custom shield that Jim had designed. We also had one display mounted to a PCB that was not working, 4 new displays, and new custom shields (with a speaker for sound!) to assemble.

After some soldering and a bit of troubleshooting we ended up with 6 working displays and 4 stacks of all the parts of our Educubes.  We have one extra arduino clone and IrDA board to put together to make up the guts of the fifth Educube. (See photos below.)

Educube Progress

We got another couple shipments of parts for our Educube project:

The main component of our project is a Arduino clone called the Diavolino, sold by Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories .  The Diavolino uses the same ATMega328P microcontroller that comes in the Arduino Uno, but is quite a bit cheaper.  The nice folks at Evil Mad Scientist were nice enough to sell us a few without microcontrollers, and we ordered the 328Ps from Element14.

Each individual cube communicates with adjacent cubes over IR.  We ordered 10 Vishay IR transceivers, but they came sealed up in this package  covered in dire warnings, so I chose not to break them open until we have boards ready for them.

I spent a couple hours tonight putting the Diavolino kits together.  They were pretty quick, and should be a good platform for the rest of the build.