LED Hacking Night recap

Image credit: Jim Williams

We had a great time on Tuesday night hacking on the scrolling LED display that Jim brought.  It was a great exercise in figuring out how the design worked and trying to improve upon it. Thanks to all who came out and had fun with us!  We like having nights like this, so anyone out there who wants to do something similar with us, let us know!  (Email info@workshop88.com or leave comments here on the blog.)

Jim has already posted a much better summary of what we did on his blog.  Check it out!

Hello Nerdy – a podcast by a Workshop 88 member

Inveterate podcaster and long-time Workshop 88 member Fredo has a (relatively) new podcast called “Hello Nerdy“. The “Hello Nerdy” crew get together weekly to discuss the latest and greatest tech news, Apple news, Android news, and news of general nerd interest. Many (all?) of the episodes were recorded in the Workshop 88 media lab.  If you are a nerd looking for a great weekly podcast subscribe to “Hello Nerdy“.