Sick of 9/11 coverage? Call Film Yarn!

Workshop 88 member Fredo, who records his podcasts at Workshop 88 is looking for participation in his upcoming podcast.  Here’s his idea, in his own words:

Hi guys, as some of you know I do a weekly movie podcast called Film Yarn.

I want to try something, it’s short notice but I think it will work. I want you to call the Film Yarn line and tell us what movie you watched during the incessant covering of 9/11 to escape or help you conceptualize the new reality. It could be emotional or funny, I just want to know what you watched while the news were going 24/7 and there was nothing else on TV.

Please introduce yourself and then tell us what you watched and why. (931) 516 9276. The phone is a google voice mailbox.

Responses will be stitched together in an episode by Saturday, and published Sunday. I’ll add a commentary to the beginning of the show and reveal what movie I watched.

Please repost and forward as you see fit. I want as many varied opinions on the matter as possible.

For more on the podcast the URL is


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