Hack Night, 2012 June 4

A successful if low attendance Hack Night was had on Monday night.

Randy worked on reviving an Apple Time Capsule.  The dead internal power supply was removed so an external supply could be substituted.  A power connector was salvaged (using the fine desoldering tool provided by Branden) from a surplus computer power supply so as to add a new power plug to the external supply.  The supply was then tested and found to properly power the Time Capsule.




I (Karl) continued to work on my Visual Timer project, and am in the process of adding a couple of buttons for setting the timer length from the board rather than setting it within the sketch.

Quick summary of Visual Timer: controlled by an Arduino UNO, a sequence of green LEDs dim and go out as the timer counts down. When the timer expires, all green LEDs will be dark and a red LED will light up.