Workshop 88 Weekly Maker Night – November 3, 2020

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Workshop 88 is a makerspace in Glen Ellyn Illinois. We are more than a workshop, we are a growing community of creative talented people who aspire to learn and share their insights, experiences, and projects.

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Welcome to the second Workshop 88 Makers Round-table in a row on Zoom where we plan to share our projects, ideas, and related resources. The attendees and agenda are below, the meeting will be recorded and hosted on YouTube, and resources like links and other related information can be found here after the event.


  • Andrew Morrison
  • Scott Williamson
  • Jim Williams
  • Tom Matukas
  • Gail Jo Kelley
  • Rick Stewart
  • Breezy Fasano
  • Peter Fales
  • Phil Strons

Show and tell time!

Each session will target 10 minutes for show and tell and 5 minutes for Q&A

7:00pm – Breezy will share her custom created keyboard as well as information and tips for making your own.

7:15pm Rick will share part of his MQTT / NodeRED project for monitoring outside temperature and door activity (in progress). (LED word clock will be shared in a later meeting.

730pm (Postponed)Scott recently explored Free and Open Source video editing software and will share his findings including resurrecting an antique and finding a real gem!

7:45pm Phil will share antenna constructions (Ham & HD)

Discussion topics

8:00pm GailJo – Nintendo Switch Joystick repair followup

Disassembly project tips: tweezers, pictures, screw containers… laptop failure

Meeting notes

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