Workshop 88 Weekly Maker Night – November 17, 2020


Workshop 88 is a makerspace in Glen Ellyn Illinois. We are more than a workshop, we are a growing community of creative talented people who aspire to learn and share their insights, experiences, and projects.

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YouTube link: Workshop 88 Weekly Maker Meeting – Episode 3

Welcome to the Workshop 88 Makers Round-table on Zoom where we share our projects, ideas, and related resources. The attendees and agenda are below, the meeting will be recorded and hosted on YouTube, and resources like links and other related information can be found here after the event.


  • Andrew Morrison
  • Scott Williamson
  • Jim Williams
  • Tom Matukas
  • Gail Jo Kelly
  • Daniil Bystrukhin
  • Peter Fales
  • Phil Strons
  • Karl Knutson
  • Christine Heermann

Show & tell time!

Each session will target 10 minutes for show and tell and 5 minutes for Q&A

7:00pm – Scott will share his Schlieren photography setup. Schlieren photography allows you to visualize changes in air density and used to see airflow, temperature differences, shock waves, or sound.

7:30pm – Rick will share his experiences with the STMicro accelerometer, magnetometer, and gyroscope leading into a discussion about creating a tilt compass using trigonometry.

General discussion topics

  • How would you calibrate an anemometer?
    • Jim Williams: Drive a car with it out the window on a stick to get outside of the car’s air-stream and have a copilot record rpm and car speedometer. (Scott added: In both directions to factor out a gentle breeze)
    • Mark Frost: Put it on the end of a stick and spin at a known rate in a still room to know airspeed of the sensor.
    • Scott Williamson: Connect it to the end of a tube connected to a large plastic bag. Place the bag in a box of known volume, place a second slightly smaller weighted box on top of the bag within the first box to construct a piston. Measure the time it takes to move the known outer box volume of air through the tube of known diameter to estimate the airspeed. Repeat with different weights.
  • Andrew Morrison: Why does an accelerometer measure an acceleration when it is not moving or changing velocity?
  • Rick Stewart: Laser Nanny repair
  • Did not cover: SMD soldering tips – (flux, solder paste, iron, iron tip, hot air, temps…)

Meeting notes

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