Workshop 88 Weekly Maker Night – December 1st, 2020

This Week’s Project Discussions

  • Radiosonde Update [Phil]
    • radiosonde is an automatic radio transmitter in the meteorological aids service usually carried on an aircraft, free balloon, kite or parachute, and which transmits meteorological data. Each radio transmitter shall be classified by the radiocommunication service in which it operates permanently or temporarily.
  • The live cracking open to see “Clear Ice” Molds Project [Scott]
  • Home Automation
    • New UPS hack [Jim]
    • Mailbox [Peter]
    • Integrating an old (UL Certified) workhorse (X10 Modules) into a modern home automation system [Rick]
  • 3D Printing projects
    • Holiday
    • General
  • Useful Tools and inventions to use in the workshop
  • Slack/Blog Postings Review
    • Melamine or chipboard drawer face repair [Scott]

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Meeting notes

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