Maker Meeting March 23, 2021 – ESP8266, Arduinos, and a Dalek

Check out the March 23, 2021 Workshop 88 Maker Meeting here:

ESP8266 interfaced with a keypad

Peter shared the following information about using the Arduino keypad library with the ESP8266after the recording:

There is a pretty good tutorial at

There were two questions I was not able to answer, but I’ve done some more investigation:

  1. If you register a callback function that is invoked when a key is pressed or released, is that based on interrupts?   No.   It ties into the non-blocking getKey() function which is already being called each time through the loop.   If a callback is registered, it will be called by getKey() when appropriate.
  2. Does multi-key support mean that it buffers up a sequence of characters, or does it mean you can press multiple keys (chords) at the same time?   Despite my wrong guess last night, it’s the latter.   The getKeys() function will return a list of up 10 keys that are pressed or released, even if a second (or later) key is pressed before the first ones are released.   Apparently, they do the right magic with pull-ups and only driving one line at a time so that they can do this without diodes on the switches.

Other items shared!

After Peter’s presentation, Jim shared with us how he uses an ESP8266 to control an Arduino. Very cool! At the end, Dave shared with us his progress working on a Dalek build project – including some very nice resin casting!

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