Can I get a hand here?


I’m a new maker. It started simply enough – Raspberry Pi Zero W, DHT22 temp sensor, SD card, power supply. But it was not long before my appetite for new projects and more components grew. I bought LEDs, resistors, jumpers, DIP switches, camera, heat shrink, POTs, PIR, servos, steppers, … ENOUGH! I had a monkey on my back. But, what to do?

I eventually got to a point that the project I was building required soldering. Let me think — I’ll need one hand for the left wire, one hand for the right wire, one hand for the iron, one hand for the solder. A quick inventory of appendages led me to conclude that I needed an extra hand (or two).

Amazon to the rescue.

Now you’re talking. Clearly, I gotta have at least one of these. Right? Well, maybe not! I had just been in our laundry room and noticed we still had a box of wooden clothes pins. They’re kinda like the alligator clips on the Helping Hands. Surely they could be used to hold onto stuff.

But I couldn’t just lay the pins on the workbench. So I rummaged for a bit longer and found a discarded hinge from an old door. When opened to its fullest, the plate stands at a 50 degree angle. A little hot glue and I had all the helping hands I needed — for next to nothing.

How about that! I made, not bought, something to help me make something else.

Here’s the bottom line. Do I need a Helping Hands? No, not right now. Am I going to buy one? HECK YEAH — that thing is awesome looking.

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