Workshop 88 is a hackerspace (also known as a makerspace) located in Chicago’s western suburbs. Focused on science, technology, mechanics, culture and the digital arts we offer a space where people with diverse backgrounds can socialize, collaborate, learn and make. Through shared resources, knowledge and ideas we strive to create a space that promotes community and learning.

Workshop 88 is located at 41°52’37.0″N 88°03’58.2″W: 481 N Main St. Rear Building Unit B, in downtown Glen Ellyn, IL. Despite the Main St address, access is ONLY through the Schock Square parking lot on Pennsylvania.  If you are interested in learning more about Workshop 88 feel free to stop by for one of our regular Thursday evening public meetings or other events. You can also contact info@workshop88.com for more information or to schedule a visit.

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From the corner of Main and Pennsylvania in downtown Glen Ellyn, follow this video to find our location.  Note that Honey Cafe referred to in the video is now A Toda Madre – “Creative market-fresh Mexican eats”.

Contact Workshop 88

  • General Information – info@workshop88.com
  • Events and Classes – Andrew Morrison (morris@workshop88.com)
  • Library Programs – Library Team (info@workshop88.com)

Board of Directors

  • Russ Lankenau – President
  • Rudy Ristich – Vice President
  • Ted Kitch – Secretary/Treasurer
  • Andrew Morrison – Advisor

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  1. That Make bump has created a lot of excitement for the space. Very cool. We look forward to seeing you!

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  4. I need help with Arduino programraming, because I am C+ illiterate.
    My real hobby is Model Trains and my need is to get arduino to control multiple turnout/switches powered by r/c servos. I found one guy that wrote a sketch to drive one but failed to show how to get more than 2 to be programmed.
    I copied his program and simply copied it 5 time and then adjusting the pinouts and callouts. I ran a confirmation that came back with limited errors. The thing is I do not know how to make the corrections.
    I will gladly forward my results if someone would lkie to help.

  5. Alan,

    Do you live near Workshop 88? Can you bring the arduino project in that you are trying to work on to a public meeting? We have arduino users that can help you if you bring in what you’re working on.

  6. I talked with Andrew Morrison at FAB Lab.
    He adviced I send an email to you
    My grandson 12 and mysefl 64 would like to attend your open meeting Thursday night 8/15/13
    Bill Passaglia

  7. Perhaps you can contact Circuit Cellar to have W88 added to here:


    Also, i’ve been planning on attending for a long time and will soon! i live a short distance away in Wheaton and am an EE/CS type with a major making passion 🙂

  8. I enjoyed meeting Workshop 88 members at the Mini Maker Faire this weekend and look forward to learning more about Workshop 88 at the Thursday meeting this week.
    Mark Budak from Chibots

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