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Member project – 3D printer nozzle cleaner

Nozzle cleaner for 3D printers

Did you know that Workshop 88 members have several of their original designs shared on Thingiverse?

This is a nozzle-cleaning tool that Workshop 88 member, GailJo has shared on Thingiverse and we make use of at Workshop 88. This was one of the tools featured in last week’s Maker Meeting discussion.

See the tool described here, starting at 13 minutes in:

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New member special for December/January!

Special deal for the end of the year - 4 months of membership for $150
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This makes a great gift for the holidays! Or maybe you’re looking to kickstart your New Year’s resolution to do more making – learning about 3D printing, electronics, laser cutting, metal working, wood working, or anything else that you can dream of doing with us!

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Announcing an online class – coffee roasting!


We are hosting a “Getting started roasting coffee at home” class on Zoom next week! This class will cover all the basics of getting started roasting the best tasting coffee you will ever drink at home. Home roasted coffee is a great homemade gift to give over the holidays!

The real benefit to this class is that you will be able to get ALL your questions answered right on the spot! Come learn about roasting coffee from a maker perspective!

Register for the class and please share with your friends on all social networks!   Thanks!!

Workshop 88 – Weekly Maker Meeting Episode 1 (November 3, 2020)

We had a GREAT time last night learning about mechanical keyboards, home automation, antennas for HAM and TV, and the Nintendo Switch joycons.  Here’s the video:

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Workshop 88 Weekly Maker Night – October 27,2020

YouTube link to this event

Introduction – Workshop 88 is a makerspace in Glen Ellyn Illinois. We are more than a workshop, we are a growing community of creative talented people who aspire to learn and share their insights, experiences, and projects.

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This is the first ever Workshop 88 Makers Round-table on Zoom where we plan to share our projects, ideas, and related resources. The attendees and agenda are below, the meeting will be recorded and hosted on YouTube, and resources like links and other related information can be found here after the event.


  • Andrew Morrison
  • Scott Williamson
  • Jim Williams
  • Tom Matukas
  • Gail Jo Kelley
  • Rick Stewart

Show and tell time!

Each session will target 10 minutes for show and tell and 5 minutes for Q&A

7:05pm – Scott Williamson to share FPV (First-person view) drone insights, including his 3D printed Peon230 hand built drone, tiny HD “Whoop” drone, transmitter, goggles, headset, display, and an overview of the hardware and software components including Betaflight configurator and black box.

7:20pm – Jim Williams shared magnetic visualization film and interesting phenomenon with flexible sheet “refrigerator magnets”. Try this one at home for the hands on feel of what Jim showed.

7:35pm – Tom Matukas – Covid-19 laser choir project overview

Tonight’s discussion topics

7:50pm – Incomplete, abandoned, and bucket list projects

8:15pm – Dealing with Joy-Con Drift – Can I replace the joystick myself with a kit?

Game Console: Nintendo Switch

Video Watched to learn how to replace the joy stick: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMHl7GwbEb0

Replacement Kit ordered on Amazon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMHl7GwbEb0

Open Discussion


Meeting notes

Links mentioned:

Here is the BEC, ESC, Control, and motors I have on my FPVracing drone now ($83.30 on Banggood right now):

Here is what I’d get today ($80.97 on Banggood right now).

  • Retrospective:
    • Repeat? weekly, fortnightly, monthly?
    • How to better manage and announce the agenda? (post or page?)
    • How to manage the growing backlog of topics and segment ideas

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Quick project video

Some of the Workshop 88 members have been working on a system for allowing multiple people to sing together while maintaining social distancing requirements. Without giving too much away right now, let’s just say that there has been a lot of discussion between members about transmitting sound via laser. Above is a very simple project demonstrating this process.

If you’re interested in hearing about these projects, please join us on Thursday nights via Zoom – details are on our meetup page!