Workshop 88 – General Meeting

Celebrate with us the inaugural meeting in our brand new space.

It’s bigger, and longer, it’s in the middle of downtown Glen Ellyn, yet completely out of the way.

The new space is a bit tricky to find for those who don’t know already 🙂  It’s address is on main st. in Glen Ellyn, but the actual access is off of pennsylvania.  There is a parking lot with a little park on the south side of pennsylvania, just east of main st. (right past a glitzy cafe called “Honey”) and the alley way in the back is the access to our space (look down for the red awning).

Bring your own chair.

Google Maps Link.

June 28 (that’s today) at 6:30 PM.

05.12.10 Hackers in the Pub!

The next Hackers in the Pub event is upon us and as always, it’s open to the public. This is a great opportunity for those of you who are interested in Workshop88 or hackerspaces in general to come out, see what we’re all about and grab a couple pints with us.

We’ll be hosting our monthly pub event on Wednesday, May 12th at 8:00 at Jimmy’s Bar & Grill: 245 South Washington Street, Naperville, IL

Hope to see you there.

Vox Populi

We’re  in the process of having a major website overhaul, in the meantime, I’ll do my best to update the blog as much as possible so you’ll have an idea of what we’re working on.

We are considering a different design paradigm than the traditional blog for the redesign, and in order to create the website that you would want to visit, we need your help. The more diverse opinions we get, the more exciting possibilities open. What would you like to see on our home page?

Please leave on your comments the three things that you look for  first when you come to, tell us what kind of content would make you come back more often. This is your chance to be a part of the conversation to get a website you can be proud of!