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Jay Margalus is an entrepreneur and UI/UX developer working out of the south suburbs of Chicago, IL. He likes you.

Class – Typography on the Web

Helvetica, Arial, Georgia, Times New Roman, Tahoma, and a few other fonts have long been the standard for typography on the web; to a large extent, they always will be. Recently, though, web developers and typography lovers have been given new options to embed non-web-standard fonts in their websites.

Real typography is finally coming to the web! With technologies like Typekit gaining popularity, @font-face is becoming a more relevant and practical font-embedding technique for typography lovers. Techniques using sIFR, cufon, or other similar approaches are getting tossed to the wayside, but are still justifiably useable in some situations, too.

This class will go over these different methods of implementing non-web-standard fonts on the internet, and will leave you with the ability to determine which method best suits your needs, and the knowledge to implement it.

Resources: GitHub | Website

Sunday at the Workshop

Geocaching was on the docket, but we got work done and crafted around The Workshop instead.

After some jiggering, Andrew and Kevin got a router worked into our workbench.  It looks great and works like a charm.

My brother Dan and I built paracord bracelets.  Each one has 8ft of paracord that can support >500 lbs. of tension.  Great for people who love to backpack and camp, like me.  I can’t count the number of times I’ve needed extra rope to secure a tent or a tarp.

Workshop 88 Class – The Physics of Music

This Sunday, starting at 2pm, our own Andrew Morrison will be teaching a class on the Physics of Music.  A short description:

In this class we will explore some of the basic physics which governs the behavior of musical instruments. After exploring the science of resonance, pitch and timbre we will build some simple musical instruments out of common materials. By the end of the class you should come away with your own musical instrument and the ability to invent new musical instruments of your own design.

Tickets will be $10.00 for non-members and supporting members, and free for regular members.  Material costs are TBD, but should be under $20.00.  All payments will be accepted at the door.

Please let me know if you’re interested, and I’ll keep you updated!

Game Night. TONIGHT.

Despite my overwhelming urge to convince everyone at The Workshop that having a Starcraft II LAN Party would be an awesome idea, we’ll be playing D&D, Puerto Rico, Settlers, Munchkin, original XBOX, or any other number of assorted games this Thursday night starting at 6:30pm. As usual. Thursdays. 6:30pm. And, seriously guys: Don’t. Think. Small. Starcraft II LAN Party is in the near-future.

Maybe as a members only event?

This week my D&D character, “The Amazing Bob”, will be making his return after a… shall we say… short sabbatical. The Amazing Bob’s bow is ready to drink blood from his foes freshly cut wounds once again. Also, The Amazing Bob is ready to drink ale… once again.

SEGUE! I brewed a ton of beer last night (really, only a few hours ago) in partial preparation for the Workshop 88 Brewfest. Proof:

YES. I was brewing AND bottling all in the same day. Two different beers.

Can you taste it?

See you tonight, Thursday night. 6:30pm.  Or-a-da Plancast, if you prefer it dished out that way: http://planca.st/6Ox

General Meeting – August 9, 2010

After a lot of wall scraping on Saturday (wherein Andrew and I tackled the spackle issue with great intellectual vigor), we’re finally moving onto the priming and painting portion of the project. Thanks to everyone who came out and put their time in!

Anyway, this post is about our General Meeting next Monday, which we are having, as usual. Here’s the Plancast plan: http://planca.st/68j

Hope to see you all there.

Workshop 88 General Meetings
6:30pm, biweekly on Mondays

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