Learn to Program! For Kids (Session 2)

Sure, you know how to play games on a computer, but do you know how to program one? How awesome would it be to actually control what the computer is doing instead of just playing someone else’s game? If you come to Workshop 88′s kid’s programming lessons we help you learn you how. We use a variety of tools like Kids Ruby and MIT Scatch to learn and practice the fundamentals of programming. All interest and ability levels are welcome. Ages 8 – 16. Please bring your own laptop and power cord. We will provide you with the software needed. $25 per class and $25 for the textbook (or join W88 for $50 / month and come to all the classes you want!)


Each Session is independent, so come whenever you can!


Session 1 January 5th, 7-8:30pm

Session 2 January 26th, 7-8:30pm

Questions?  Email info@workshop88.com.


Our friends at PS:1 have a kickstarter going now…

We are not the only hackerspace in the Chicago area that is working on a kickstarter campaign. After you’ve signed up for the Hackerspaces in Space Challenge and pledged to the kicketarter, you should check this out:

Some of the guys over at nearby Pumping Station: One have a kickstarter that is a about halfway done.  They call their project the “Power Wheels Racing Series”.  What they do is encourage makers to trick out Power Wheelst toys into souped up racing machines.  Then, the makers all get together and race them for pride and glory.  Support our neighbors to the east!


Where to look for Workshop 88 information online

We’ve been trying to reach out online and connect with makers and hackers in the suburbs of Chicago for the last 2 years or more. Here is a sampling of all the places where you can get information on what is happening at Workshop 88.

First, if you’re reading this, congrats. You’ve found the blog. Also note that the blog has an RSS feed. (Yay, RSS!)

Every post that goes up on the blog is also sent out on the Workshop 88 twitter feed. Announcements are made there on occasion.  We reply to people when they send us messages on twitter, as well.

We have had great success with our meetup group. A majority of our newest members and guests have found us through meetup.

So there you go. All of the information that we post online can be found in these places. We post events to all of the places above at the same time, so no matter how you follow us, you should always get the details.

One last thing: it can be a little tricky to find Workshop 88 the first time you come to the space.  Fortunately, Fredo made a video showing how to get to the space.


Public meetings schedule updated.

The public meeting schedule on our events page expired after last night’s meeting.  It should now be up to date.  Also, you can connect with us on meetup, if you prefer.

General meetings are always open to the public. We encourage everyone to bring ideas to improve Workshop 88. If you can’t make it to the meeting but still want to share your ideas, just email info@workshop88.com and we’ll be happy to bring it to the table for you. Hope to see you all there!

Feel free to come early to the meetings.  We run the “business” meeting from 6:30pm to just before 7:30pm, then we break off and dive into whatever interesting projects people are working on.


Sick of 9/11 coverage? Call Film Yarn!

Workshop 88 member Fredo, who records his podcasts at Workshop 88 is looking for participation in his upcoming podcast.  Here’s his idea, in his own words:

Hi guys, as some of you know I do a weekly movie podcast called Film Yarn.

I want to try something, it’s short notice but I think it will work. I want you to call the Film Yarn line and tell us what movie you watched during the incessant covering of 9/11 to escape or help you conceptualize the new reality. It could be emotional or funny, I just want to know what you watched while the news were going 24/7 and there was nothing else on TV.

Please introduce yourself and then tell us what you watched and why. (931) 516 9276. The phone is a google voice mailbox.

Responses will be stitched together in an episode by Saturday, and published Sunday. I’ll add a commentary to the beginning of the show and reveal what movie I watched.

Please repost and forward as you see fit. I want as many varied opinions on the matter as possible.

For more on the podcast the URL is http://filmyarn.com/



Introduction to Arduino class (Arduino 101) September 2011

Workshop 88 is thrilled to be offering an introduction to the Arduino platform at our space in Glen Ellyn. Class attendees will learn how to configure their arduino programming environment, how to design simple circuits for interfacing with the arduino and how to write simple programs to control the arduino. What is Arduino, you ask? From their home page:

Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. It’s intended for artists, designers, hobbyists, and anyone interested in creating interactive objects or environments.

You can order Arduino systems from several places, including Adafruit and Sparkfun. Both companies have lots of tutorials and howtos to get you started with Arduinos. If you choose the tuition + materials option, we will have an arduino and assortment of electronics components for you to take home after the class.


Build a blinkie night at Workshop 88

Dale and Dwayne from 2DKits (get it? 2 Ds: Dale and Dwayne…) are bringing their blinkie building kits to Workshop 88 for a night of blinkie building fun!

They have 15 different kits that they will be bringing. Many of the kits have several different options to choose from to customize the kit.

The folks at MuseCon are sponsoring their 6-LED circle kit for attendees for FREE! All other kits will have a materials charge, but the build night event itself is a FREE event, open to the public.