New meeting schedule

Workshop88 is happy to announce a new meeting schedule staring February 2012. Meetings will be at 7 pm Thursday evenings every week, and the open hack night will be Monday nights. Class schedules and the meetup schedule will be updated to reflect these changes. Board meetings will be scheduled once a month.


We look forward to seeing you at our new weekly meetings.

02/14 Meeting canceled

Steampunk Heart by chibilady17 via
For obvious reasons our Public Meeting, scheduled to occur on Monday, February 14, 2011 6:30 PM has been cancelled. We may be rescheduling this meeting for a later day in the week or the following week.

Keep your eyes peeled, and enjoy your Valentines Day!

UPDATE: We’ve shifted the meeting schedule by one week to accommodate. Our meetings will resume our normal every other week schedule starting on the 21st of Febuary. Our Meetup and Eventbrite calendars have been adjusted to reflect this change.

Labor Day! No General Meeting Until Sept. 13

We’re shifting the general meeting by a week, since the next one would fall on Labor Day, and we don’t want to interfere with the long weekend.

The next meeting will be on September 13th, at 6:30pm.

The main topic of discussion will be classes to be held at the space.

We’ve got a preliminary list of classes we’re planning on offering, but we’d love other suggestions, so come on out on the 13th and give us your input!

General Meeting – August 9, 2010

After a lot of wall scraping on Saturday (wherein Andrew and I tackled the spackle issue with great intellectual vigor), we’re finally moving onto the priming and painting portion of the project. Thanks to everyone who came out and put their time in!

Anyway, this post is about our General Meeting next Monday, which we are having, as usual. Here’s the Plancast plan:

Hope to see you all there.

Workshop 88 General Meetings
6:30pm, biweekly on Mondays

Questions or Comments?

General Meeting – July 26

Start your week off right with a Workshop 88 General Meeting! Next week, we’ll continue talking buildout projects. Also at the meeting next week: Me! So long as my car doesn’t crap out (again), leaving me stranded and crying in the driveway.

I sat in it for 20 minutes, despondent look on my face. Ask my wife.


If there’s anything you’d like brought up at the meeting, make a mention in the comments below or e-mail For instance, I’d like to see the walls coated in gumdrops and the tables made out of candy canes & graham crackers.

Make it so.

Workshop 88 General Meetings
6:30pm, biweekly on Mondays

Welcome to Our New Members

This is a new series of posts tagged under #welcomingcommittee where we welcome new Workshop 88 members to the hackerspace community.

WELCOME to our two newest members: Greg Williams and Dawn Kuczwara. Greg and Dawn are both from the tech industry. I haven’t met them yet, but other people from Workshop 88 have, and vouch for their goodness.

Greg, I’m told, herds nerds for a living (not in his words). He has a forge and two anvils in his garage. My knowledge with forges and anvils stops at World of Warcraft, so I’ll be schmoozing with Greg whenever we meet to learn how to thoroughly meld and sunder shit. Preferably things made out of mithril, but one can’t be picky.

Greg also gave our group a hammer, and I can only assume it looked something like this. Thanks for the hammer, Greg.

Dawn is the head of (and I beg pardon for the generality) a “Girls in Tech Group” in Chicago. I’m not sure what the name of it is, but it sounds really awesome, and I might even have a few people interested in joining this group of ladies in tech. Someone told me Dawn tore a hole into our floor the size of the sinkhole in Guatemala, but what I think they meant to say is that she helped with some serious work on our new workshop floor. Thanks, Dawn!

Both Greg AND Dawn have managed multiple sci-fi conventions, so I can only assume their knowledge of Dr. Who is more extensive than my own. This makes me feel insecure, and slightly threatened.

Welcome Greg and Dawn! Welcome to our crazy group at Workshop 88!!

July 12, 2010 General Meeting

Our new space is coming along quite nicely, and we’ve already found a neighborhood bar a block away that doesn’t mind selling us beer.

Join us Next Monday, July 12th, at 6:30pm for the second general meeting at Workshop 88. I’ve been told this is the address: “481 N Main St. Rear Building Unit B, Glen Ellyn, IL”. You’ll be better off mapping out the intersection of Pennsylvania and Main, Glen Ellyn like-a-so:

…and then following this video, which may be the first ever “how-to-find-a-hackerspace” Maker video ever created (update: new video, that wold make two):

Hope to see you there!