Exploring the parts bin

Workshop88 has been the recipient of lots of donated electronic parts. An effort of an hour a week or so over the last several months to sort through them is starting to show some results, so some random jottings on what’s back in the lab seem useful.
An awful lot of resistors are back there. If anyone needs virtually any value of 1/8th watt thru hole resistor you can probably find it, along with a pretty full set of surface mount resistors. There are also some larger wattage resistors, though they’re not as sorted out.
The thru hole or breadboard LED supply is also well stocked. Many colors and several sizes are back there.
One useful looking find last night was a half dozen PIC processors, PIC16C745. These have built in low speed USB, so they could be used in any project that needs a USB port to control or monitor something else. While not the latest part, at least they’re from this millennium.
This is just the tip of the iceberg on what’s available in the electronics bins for members. While most of what’s there is far from leading edge, for breadboarding purposes it’s ideal. One project that Jim and I have discussed is to have a simple PCB manufacture setup right in the room, so that an idea could go from concept to populated board in a couple of hours.

2 thoughts on “Exploring the parts bin

  1. I would LOVE the opportunity to have a small group discuss/design a VERY simple circuit. Draw it up quickly in Eagle, and layout the board.
    Print it (enough copies so everyone gets one) onto vinyl with the laser printer.
    Then go through the process of transferring it to blank copper clad, then etching the boards.

    That would be a PHENOMINAL way to spend a Saturday morning/afternoon.

  2. (Advanced PCB Making – DIY)

    What about nickel/tin/silver plating the traces/pads, then applying solder mask, and finally use the toner/vinyl transfer methode to make a silk screen for the blank backside.

    It would be a great follow up to the design & manufacture your own PCB day I mentioned above.

    Perhaps the following Saturday (another great way to spend a few hours).
    I would gladly pay to attend both days.

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