Memberships Now Available

In preparation for the first meeting of the new year, we’ve been clearing some of the legal hurdles.

We are officially incorporated as a NFP, and are going to begin the process of getting Not-For-Profit tax status.

We are now able to accept membership dues! You can pay in person at a meeting with cash or check, or you can pay online at As that page mentions, there is a small surcharge for paying online, since Amazon charges us a little bit for the service.

In order to vote in the elections on January 4th, you’ll need to have a full membership paid up, so you can do it ahead of time online, or at the meeting. This is an important meeting, since we’re making decisions about structure and electing officials and committee chairs, so we look forward to seeing a big turnout!

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3 thoughts on “Memberships Now Available

  1. There is absolutely a chance of live streaming of future meetings. I would love to do it, and I will have to consult our media gurus on how we can do this. The main hurdle at this point is that the space we’ve been using for meetings does not have free wifi. Once we’ve got a space rented, it will be much easier.

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