Public Planning Meeting 12-7-2009

Sorry again for the late notice on this, but we’ll be having a planning meeting tonight, December 7th. We mentioned before that there would be a meeting tonight, but weren’t sure of the location. We were waiting until we were sure we’d have the space in the Boilerhouse available, and at the last minute, we found out that it was in fact closed for winter break at NCC.

We’ll be meeting in the White Activity Center (325 E. Benton Ave, Naperville, IL), just south of the Boilerhouse. We’ll be on the main floor, on the east side of the building.

Here is a quick agenda:

  1. Opening Remarks
  2. Introductions of any new attendees
  3. Review of previous minutes
  4. Review and approve agenda
  5. Reports from officers
    1. Acting President
      1. Web site improvements
    2. Acting Vice President
      1. Location Search
    3. Acting Secretary/Treasurer
      1. Incorporation Progress
  6. Old business
    1. Budget
      1. Volunteers for a budget committee?
  7. New business
    1. Instructional committee
      1. Volunteers to teach
      2. Discuss organization/pricing
    2. Legal committee
      1. Research zoning laws
      2. What kind of insurance do we need
      3. What kind of waivers do we need members to sign
    3. Membership Committee
      1. Do we need one?
      2. When do we start collecting dues?

We hope you’ll be able to make it out tonight, and if not, we’ll see you next time!


The meeting will begin at 6:30 PM, and is open to the public!

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2 thoughts on “Public Planning Meeting 12-7-2009

  1. Is this meeting open to the public and prospective new members? If so, what time will we begin?

  2. Christopher,

    Absolutely! Our bi-weekly meetings are open to the public, and we welcome anyone who wants to contribute or observe.

    The meeting will begin at 6:30.

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