Revamping Workshop 88

Spring is in the air, flowers are emerging, and Glen Ellyn is slowly climbing out of what has been an incredibly trying winter.

The new season has inspired us to take a new look at Workshop 88 and revamp our main room. While it’s a homey basement that holds many fond memories, members have been encouraging me to come up with some new ways to change the space around to be welcoming to new members. I wanted to post some photos of the current layout so that we can work on rearranging some things.

Workshop 88 members spend so much time working on their projects and discussing new ideas that they don’t pay much attention to the space around them; but space is important. Space communicates what we value, inspires our creativity, and develops our sense of belonging. Therefore, it is really important that we spend time recreating Workshop some in order to make our space more inviting.

What do you think we should do to revamp Workshop 88? Maybe some color? Reorganizing the layout? Please comment with your ideas!

photo 1 photo 2 photo 5


One thought on “Revamping Workshop 88

  1. All of the furniture is oversized and impractical for the room. The couch isn’t a good idea for that room. You need to maximize work space — draw diagrams and figure out how you can fit in the most tables and small, but reasonably comfortable chairs into the space, while still allowing good flow through the room and to the exit. Does that really large desk need to be there?
    and finally, how can you go out of your way to make the space more welcoming to women and newbies? (or, how can this space look less like a man cave?)
    Thanks for asking!

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