Introduction to electronics class (August 2011)

Get started exploring electronics with our Introduction to Electronics class. We’ll cover some of the most basic concepts that you’ll need to understand in order to build, modify and design simple circuits.

This class will have a textbook included in the “supplies”.  The textbook will be used in followup electronics classes at Workshop 88.

Learn to solder class!

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Have you been dabbling in electronics and building all your circuits on breadboards? Maybe it’s time you learn how to solder with Workshop 88! Want to improve your soldering skills? Come to our soldering class and see what you can do to make you soldering better.  We’ve got some great new soldering irons that you’ll get to make use of during the class.

Arduino 201: Sensors and Communication

If you enjoyed our Introduction to Arduino class, come back for the next class!

In Arduino 201, we’ll be using the Processing framework and the Firmata library for the Arduino to interact with the Arduino from a graphical user interface.

This class will build on the Darkness Detector circuit we built in Arduino 101, adding calibration knobs for high and low, and outputting the resulting data to a graph using Processing.

Students should be familiar with the concepts and circuits taught in Arduino 101, specifically reading analog inputs and the voltage divider circuit used in the Darkness Detector.

Knowledge of Processing is not required.

What to Bring

  • A laptop (we have a few spares, let us know if you need to reserve one)
  • Your arduino kit (or order one with the class)


All classes in the Arduino Track require the Arduino Kit (external link to Adafruit).

Buy it now ($15 off with tuition) and reuse it for the rest of the classes!

More intro to electronics

This is the follow up class to our Introduction to Electronics class. Did you attend the first class and get the book and the supplies? Then you only need to sign up for the class.  Did you not make it to the first class but want to jump into the electronics with the book and the supplies?  We’ve got you covered here, too!