Shapeoko 1

We bought the Shapeoko 1 kit around summer 2012 for about $___ from Inventables.  Several W88 folks worked on it and got it up and running.  Problems with flexibility in the gantry led Lew to install a second stepper for the Y axis.

Its initial controller card was driven by a PC parallel port.  We ran Linux CNC on a laptop that had such a port, though they’re hard to find.  Lew updated the controller, but it still required a parallel port.

It worked, but precision wasn’t great

Shapeoko 2

The kind folks at Inventables offered us a customer return Shapeoko 2 in a basket if we’d get it running and demo it for the 2014 Mokena Mini Maker Faire.  We did so, and earned our second Shapeoko.  Its dual makerslide and dual Y steppers made for a much more robust machine.

Inspired by a Carvey demo, Jim hacked in a Z touchoff switch, including both the clamp/switch and hacks to grbl 0.9g to implement the touchoff when the $H command was issued.