We’re a part of the Great Global Hackerspace Challenge

A little over two weeks ago, Mitch Altman announced the Great Global Hackerspace Challenge. Workshop 88 is one of the 30 hackerspaces across the world participating in this event. 

For the Great Global Hackerspace Challenge we are planning to design and build a set of interactive cubes which students could use by themselves or in groups to explore and master concepts covered in their schoolwork. These cubes are to be a platform to learn or teach a wide array of topics covered over the entire K-12 curriculum and beyond. A first generation set of cubes that we plan to build could be used as interactive flashcards. We envision a future set of cubes which can communicate with each other and provide feedback to the students using them in order to guide learning. The cubes will be easily adapted by teachers to fit whatever lesson is being taught, yet flexible enough to foster student creativity.

The cubes will be made of low cost electronic components and design will focus on minimizing power consumption while maximizing configurability and portability.   Cubes will be able to be configured by defining a glyph to be displayed to the user and will contain some logic to interact with an adjacent cubes dependent upon the glyph that they are displaying.  The cubes will be able to be reprogrammed, recharged, and store metrics for use by educators.

We are so thrilled to be a part of the Great Global Hackerspace Challenge!  Are you interested in helping us out over the next 6 weeks?   Let us know!

5 thoughts on “We’re a part of the Great Global Hackerspace Challenge

  1. Hi, reallo-

    I don’t exactly get the concept that you are describing.
    Can you describe a particular lesson plan and how these cubes would fit into the lesson?
    Are there similar devices that you can reference?

  2. Hi ted!

    I probably should have included a video of a mock-up of the idea that one of the members made for project proposal.

    Here’s the link to that video:


    Are you interested in helping out with this project?

  3. I am interested… unfortunately I’ll be on vacation next week (3/27th through 4/2).
    Also, my skills may not be sufficient. I am a software engineer that has just begun learning electronics – I have successfully programmed an Arduino and a TI Launchpad – maybe programming is the best way I can help.

    What is the best way to get involved? I don’t see any discussion about the project in the forum or wiki – are you meeting offline? or discussing online but outside of workshop88?

    PS – I am married to a primary education teacher and my daughter teaches primary education music – so I can arrange for some user testing 🙂

    PSS – are these cubes touch sensitive? Do they make sounds? I immediately thought of using them as Orff instruments… (http://www.classicsforkids.com/teachers/training/orff101.asp)

  4. We’ve mostly been discussing the project at our bi-weekly public meetings, but with the tight deadline, I think we’re going to have to set up a mailing list or something.

    We’d eventually like to have them be reprogrammable for different kinds of applications (music, math, digital logic, spelling, grammar).

    We hadn’t considered adding sounds, but I think that’s a great idea. We might have to add that on after the initial prototype is complete, though. I’m not sure we’ll have time to do sound in the 5.5 weeks remaining in the project.

  5. The goal is to first have something tangible to present by the deadline. The more features that can be packed in the better. After all, the idea is that the cubes would be a platform for all sorts of different types of learning.

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