Workshop 88 walk-through at public meeting

Two of the questions we often get at Workshop 88 are: “How many people show up to your public meeetings?” and “What usually goes on at your public meetings?”

If you’ve been wondering the same things about Workshop 88, take a look at what was going on during our last meeting:

If you’ve never been to Workshop 88 before, the video gives a sense of how the makerspace is laid out.  We have four areas from front to back: meeting room, wood/metal shop, electronics/rapid prototype lab, and multimedia room. All the rooms get a lot of use; it just happened that when the video was shot there were not many people in the back rooms.

Come out some night and make something with us!

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  4. I am the Business Liaison/Youth Programs person for workNet Dupage and I am on a team creating the “MyWay” program. We are searching for 18-21 year olds who want to work in manufacturing. Part of the program is in house training and we take the students out on field trips. We are interested in bridging with Workshop 88. please contact me if you see this as feasible. We are especially interested in the students seeing a 3D printer in action.

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